Hate me or love me I’m going to shine 💎

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Not one bit of my self confidence depends on the acceptance of others.

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AmberDiva79 @AmberDiva79

Thank you for all the compliments 😁


Okay I’m ready for winter here in Minnesota ❄️

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scooby1074 @scooby1074

I miss the winters there a lot, went too college in Mankato and had a great time living there.


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Rest In Peace King 👑

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Mom ❤️

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Unapologetically_Supremely_Made @Supreme_Dyvuh



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Good morning, this week is yours own it. A brand new week to live, laugh, be happy, and give thanks for new blessings.

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twichi @twichi

So Beautiful...


When spending time with your parents seems like too much effort, remember one day all you’ll have is the memories 💔

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1Begoodtoyourself1 @1Begoodtoyourself1

This is true. Mom and Grandmother ... both died in October of 2021..


“Zimmerman walked so rittenhouse could run” - Selema Masekela

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We all knew he wasn’t going to be found guilty. That’s how things go here in Amerikkka. Kyle has “the complexion for the protection” as the late great Paul Mooney use to say. They have the nerve to call this the “justice” system.

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Joshking3k @Joshking3k

Kyle rittenhouse should not be off the Hook. There needs to be lawsuit for killing innocent people. How you get acquitted for murder. You did the crime. Where is the lawyer for this case.

hotbread1 @hotbread1

@MostNoblest1 That Ignorant Brother @Trivon3 Always Got The Cow By The Tale SMH, This The Only Platform He Can Vent His 5mins of Fame ...