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It's been 7 years since i asked, and I still don't understand - what is it a woman needs a man for again? I'm being serious.

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thats up to you to decide what you need a man for if anything at all. different women want different things

ericmack018 @ericmack018

Have you not had a good relationship with a man in a long time? A healthy relationship adds a lot of value to a persons life and makes them feel complete


Happy Holidays to all who worked for it. Lumps Of Coal to you lay-z sumsuhbishes

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Reddman369 @Reddman369

Thanks Queen same to you?

Lar71Ry @Lar71Ry

Lol. Happy Holidays to you and yours as well.


Watching these ladies do the crybaby challenge just further reminds me that men deserve lumps of cold coal on Friday. #Respectfully

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When it's your birthday, you really should celebrate the entire week. Do not work! ❗❕

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Braveheart_46 @Braveheart_46

hey there I have been good how have you been???


Happy 21st Anniversary to me & BP #AMatchMade

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CaramelB @CaramelB

Thank ya @lmboswe

CaramelB @CaramelB

Aaaaayyyyyeeeeee @rodjazz early congrats to you also 🥳


Have a great mfkn Friday bish!❗❕❗❕❗❕

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CaramelB @CaramelB

@fastfreddy You mfkn know it!!

fastfreddy @fastfreddy

Thanks and I hope you're enjoying your mfkn Friday too!!!👍


The life you lay out for yourself ... and live .... paves the way for happiness and destiny simultaneously. ~ Tiffany

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Now Listening ~ Can We Go ~ Amerie ft. Carl Thomas

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EdwardAustin @EdwardAustin

hello sweetie how you doing


Bad song love it like Cook Food queen!!!!


I wanna start a podcast. 🤔

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amanispirit @amanispirit

Just do it - when you're ready to start... Then keep it going. Good luck.