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Happy Fathers Day to all the amazing fathers out there. Yes, they do exist. Enjoy!!

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DeeDollar57 @DeeDollar57

hey sexy baby I wanna meet you so text or call me now 347 661 0721 no private call 🥀🌷🌻🌻🌵🍒


Today, I bury my sister. Praying for Strength.

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Dread-Head-Shawty @Dread-Head-Shawty

Prayer up 2 you and your family

Butterfly_01 @Butterfly_01

Sending prayers your way!!!


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BETTY1012 @BETTY1012

Beautiful lady...


Yesterday I had the privilege of preparing and sharing thanksgiving lunch to people that are less fortunate. When asked what they are thankful for someone said” I am thankful for people who give back to people like us”. That touched my heart. It’s great to be thankful but let’s not forget to give back to those who don’t have. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving BP.

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007sunday @007sunday

@JustcallmeShon Your Character is in tact .. God bless you, you’ll never want for anything in your life .. The world 🌎 could use a few million more like you... Amen 🙏🏾

Congozimel2 @Congozimel2



You are never too important to be nice to people. Have a Blessed Day BP!!!

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hardmeat1000 @hardmeat1000



Good Morning BP. After a crazy couple of weeks , I woke up this morning feeling so refreshed. Have a blessed day everyone!!!!!!

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G_Relly @G_Relly

have a good day!!

Kashyjnr @Kashyjnr



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nellykingsley @nellykingsley

Nice pix dear you look beautiful


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djjson @djjson

how about I just call you?