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Sometimes it's nice to be the last one to know some info but when it continues to happen constantly, it makes you wonder. Let me find out I need to find a new family so I can be included in the family news. #neighborsknewbeforeme

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A lot of males live out of state. Where are the NY men and of age at?

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Tylek @Tylek

im right here baby, how u doin


Had a nice birthday dinner last night. Would have been extra special if I had someone special to spend it with. Oh well maybe next year.

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tyi21 @tyi21

awwww sweetheart i can cook a candle lite dinner for u


Did this ass on here really ask me 'how's ur head game?'. I hope he doesn't expect a response to that bullshit question.

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Does any other female get these random female friend requests EVERYDAY???

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ninetangel @ninetangel

yes every single day. yesterday I had 38 of them. Maybe 3 sent notes.

Likes_To_Kiss @Likes_To_Kiss

Hahaha @ rrickyg3n3ral.


What is it with all these odd random female requests?

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Today is definitely a day to stay cuddled up in bed watching tv or some movies

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elbassik4u @elbassik4u

...and kiss throughout the whole movie :-). ;-)


Relaxing on deck enjoying the view.

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yglegacy4 @yglegacy4

you better get out the shade and get a tan with your high yellow ass lol


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Berry0000 @Berry0000

I love your face


This tan ain't no joke. I got crispy.

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donniNY @donniNY

Just give me a😗😗