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Sheena 😉

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Sheenaitis @Sheenaitis

@JBLAK81 thanks!

Sheenaitis @Sheenaitis

@blackpolo81 thanks!


Every strong person cry too, they just never gave up!💪🏾💯

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Never get mad when someone do you wrong.. another lesson learned!💯just turn the page and stay humble!

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It’s been awhile, I haven’t been on Bp 🖤

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Real talk! I’m starting to notice now these days if you not aggressive or needy SOME men don’t know what to do with you... you can’t be lay back and not wanting anything from a man because they start to think you not interested

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Mitch1st @Mitch1st

i wouldn't mind

blkmen2020 @blkmen2020

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That’s me! 😉

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kean12 @kean12

You're so cute 🤗


Pretty in pink 💕💗💓💞 I haven’t been on here in awhile

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Akram6 @Akram6

Sweetie looking queen beautiful

Gman43788 @Gman43788

You look amazing


I think it’s crazy how a man steal pictures off the internet of another man and pretend it’s him! 🙄🧐

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skoopeout-u @skoopeout-u

Yeah that's crazy somebody did that to my pictures once and put them on a gay website. I guess I was too unattractive for the gay guys, talking about a relief, I'm man ugly

Sheenaitis @Sheenaitis

@TooQuick42 my husband? 🤣


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Jazzyjayy22 @Jazzyjayy22

Like that dress 😍

epicmac1 @epicmac1

natural beauty is more than icing on a 🍰.


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