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Hello Bp

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looking so serious


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We as a people have to do better! Its a dam shame that all our people want to do is buy material sh%# and listen music. Mostly all black radio stations do nothing but play music all the dam time! White folks have talk radio talking about what's going on in the world etc. We need that to! Talk about what we need to do with our communities, building families and friends up, politics yes politics as well. We need to know this stuff to change and grow. Wake up my people!!

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BlkSultry007 @BlkSultry007

BlackTalk Radio all day Mon-Fri. News-Talk 1380 WAOK on Radio.com http://player.radio.com/listen/station/news-talk-1380-waok#.WWrVIbdHwjo.twitter. Starting with, host Keith Slaughter, 6-10 am.....Rashard Richy, (The Realest Man In Radio), 10-1 pm, The Rev Al, 1-4 pm, Too Much Truth, host, Derrick Boazman, and 7-10 pm, Bev Smith. #Get it :-)

flam4u101 @flam4u101

yes but its mostly on white stations like the one up here only on Sunday for a few hours


To my people: If you are voting for Trump, you should put a gun to your head and pull the trigger! If you don't vote at all, you should put a gun to your head and pull the trigger! Fu%# the bullsh%#! Here we got Hispanics sticking together are breaking records going to vote because they know what's at stake! Come on my people, let's do this, let's show this country that we can ride with togetherness, that we will never again put up with the kind of rhetoric Trump throws out!! To our Hispanic brother and sisters, we can do it too!!! Hillary 2016!!!!

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SxySmartPretty1 @SxySmartPretty1

Black people have no choice now but to support ea other. That may be the only pisitive thing to come out of this.


Dam ppl! Where is the common sense? Stop with the bullsh#% of your vote don't matter! Im so tired of hearing that. If your vote didn't matter, so many ppl would not have died for it! Open your eyes to our history the right way ppl. Your vote matters ppl dam!!! Ok let me use a common sense factor here. Vote anyway! Vote anyway!! We can not let Trump in office! With you not voting will do! You may not like Hlry but it is obvious that she is the best bet!!! note: If your vote didn't count, do you think Trump would be in Detroit dancing in a church right now!! lol!!!

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vanilla777 @vanilla777

So true i just dont understand ppl's way of thinking just vote its ridiculous !!!

tomuchtoswallow @tomuchtoswallow

with that said....I'm voting for Gary Johnson...


Hillary 2016!!!

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I'm just wondering how many people in America are going to be ridiculously stupid enough to vote for Trump or Carson. America is almost fully back on track but these guys who don't know anything about governing will tear down Obama's hard work!

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SweetCodiGirl @SweetCodiGirl

OMG I totally agree!!

justaaron_81 @justaaron_81

ooooh you'd be surprised.