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Don't let a woman become your mother.

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The blind leading the blind 😎

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They hate the truth.

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sexyblackcat1 @sexyblackcat1

They really do but keep telling it anyway 😊

EagleEye6 @EagleEye6

Weak people Hate the Truth... And this is true...


God's will be done 🙏🏼

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trel04a @trel04a

I was your way last yr


Men, stay away from angry women. Women, stay away from mamas boys.

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In the deepest darkest hour, You are the light that shines Lord.

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ojsonsorari @ojsonsorari

hello prity Queen


Never be ashamed to love Jesus.

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godiztrueluv @godiztrueluv

The difference between your dead gods and our living God is that He is for everybody and not just your 'people' You can have your gods. I'm not here to argue with you, trust whomever you want but I'm not ashamed to love Jesus. Stay away from my posts if you don't like them. It's that simple 😇

kemitika @kemitika

My people knew God mellenia before the story of Jesus was created, copying a character i African spirituality. So sorry that is not for many of us!


The heart of the righteous studieth to answer: but the mouth of the wicked poureth out evil things.

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mzlizlizla @mzlizlizla

Ain't that the truth!! 😍😘😎


No, I'm not your people... I'm God's.

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