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Hey you😉

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Wolfpack111 @Wolfpack111

Love those pretty eyes😍😘


It’s better to be single then being in a relationship and still feeling alone. Know your worth Kings and Queens

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illreel__ @illreel__


Isaiah231 @Isaiah231

Sometimes love is hard to recognize, even when you see it with your own two eyes. #tbt # I wish I could go back to this day 👑🖤


Sending love and light

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h3llogorjess @h3llogorjess

@damienfarrell thank you

damienfarrell @damienfarrell

Nice picture you are too pretty😘😍


She remembered who she was, then... the game changed.

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chilimo @chilimo

The power of self!


It could all be so simple...

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Chrisobim @Chrisobim

Hello pretty, how’re you doing


You are being presented with two choices: Evolve or repeat.

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There are two types of tired. One requires rest and the other requires peace. Know the difference love

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My whole vibe is on Do not disturb🤘🏽

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If you don’t know where you’re going, even distractions will look like opportunities. Stay woke🤘🏽

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dartanyen7 @dartanyen7

people who don't know where they come from . don't know where there going or how to get back.


Sometimes...when people post their thoughts/feelings...we are not looking for comments. Especially if you’re not going to COMPREHEND the message🤨🤦🏽‍♀️🙄

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h3llogorjess @h3llogorjess

@bronzeit you’re one of the people I’m referring about. So unnecessary. I’m sure you’re asking me about something you know NOTHING about🙄

Bronzeit @bronzeit

@h3llogorjess I was just thinking to myself what is it that @h3llogorjess LIKES to do when she's NOT posting about how others comment on her post that comment of her previous posts... Would you care to know about the 'Cut (That's ConnectiCut to you Daytonites😉)? We're the REAL first in flight 2 whole years before the Wright brothers caught air on a bunny hop 🤦🏾‍♂️