I'm not on here to do nobody no favors, so don't ask me, the only thing I can give you is advice, try finding a job! I'm single and live alone. I work like most do, and I pay bills rent. I have a vehicle and I do get out and do whatever I like to do when I can. I don't hang out in clubs or bars. I'm at the time in my life were you also have to give me some thing to look at. I done just about heard everything most ladies have to say, so now it all comes down to the looks. It's my life and that's my choice. I have to be comfortable with your looks. if that makes any sense to you. I have a few pictures posted, so if you don't have any pictures posted, don't expect me to answer back. And for the people into age, I'm 38.Catch me on Hangout/ [email protected]

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