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im done with bp

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most are actors and dont know who they are are what they want

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sophinebaby @sophinebaby

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when people dont want nothing out of life you have to leave them right where they at

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RebelOutlaw @RebelOutlaw

Indeed so....Can't make it any clearer than that.

murielevans55 @murielevans55

U right Took him back to his mommas house


got a old lady in my inbox talking about you spoke to my friend i aint heard that shit since grade school

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Sebrina01 @Sebrina01

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woman step your game up with all these petty ass excuses thats how you miss out talking about what you wont do

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men need to step there game up women are smarter then u think and we are on point


Some women need to step there game up like the men should


if you serious about getting you some money inbox me and its legit and you not selling shit its all about what u know and who you know

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some people dumb as rocks

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If_10 @If_10

Actually Rocks are not dumb. They have more common sense if I may than most man(s).

Itsallmeboo @Itsallmeboo

That's not very nice!!


real man knows real woman

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